Local Business Client Machine Download and Review

Local Business Client Machine Review and Bonus by Lee Cole – how to go from zero to a full-time income with local business marketing fast

Local Business Client Machine Download Make Money Online

Local Business Client Machine is unique, it can be applied by just with a lot of purpose. The detailed step-by-step training allows anyone with no prior experience to easily get started

Wow! I just got access to Lee Cole’s new training and software, Local Business Client Machine. If you want to build a significant business this year with offline marketing, you need to check this out! What you’re looking at here is exactly how Lee built his own business, and how he run’s it today. (He’s been doing this stuff since 2010, and is super successful!). And, the software! The software alone is worth the price for the whole thing. As Lee says…”It will make you look like a seasoned pro, even if you’re not one!” Check this out today. Right now, this is on early bird sale.

In addition, you get my new software, Proposal Genie. Proposal Genie makes communications between you and your client brain-dead easy. It also manages your clients for you. I’ll show you more specifically about the software below. Let me just leave you with this…it’s going to make your life very easy and make you a ton more money! So, with all that said, here’s exactly what you get when you buy Local Business Client Machine today! I’m So Sure That You’re Going to Love This Training and Software, I’m Going To Make You An Amazing Offer! Get Local Business Client Machine Today, and You’ll Get a FREE Invite To My New Webinar Training…Immediate Clients for 2018! Immediate Clients is my new, intensive, webinar-based training that will show you how to get your next (or even your first) client in one week or less. Often in as little as two days! WARNING! This training is NOT for the faint of heart! It’s for those who desperately want to succeed and are tired of not building the business they want to build FAST!

Do you want to know how you can profit from Local Business Client Machine Review and Bonus by Lee Cole – how to go from zero to a full-time income with local business marketing fast?

Download Local Business Client Machine here :

Local Business Client Machine Review and Bonus by Lee Cole – how to go from zero to a full-time income with local business marketing fast Local Business Client Machine Review

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Local Business Client Machine OTO / Upsell :

Front End: Local Business Client Machine

  • Local Business Client Machine: Teaches you proven methods of building a real offline agency fast!
  • Proposal Genie Software: Lets anyone present themselves like a pro! Even if they’re just starting out!
  • Proven methods that actually do work!
  • Eliminates all problems of feeling like you can’t get going because you’re new!

OTO1: Local Business Client Machine Done-For-You Package

  • Mega, done-for-you marketing package, Including…
  • My proven direct mail sales letters
  • Four custom squeeze pages
  • Four targeted lead magnet reports
  • Four done for you email sequences
  • Done for you messaging
  • A complete prospecting funnel
  • Up-to-date, cutting-edge guide to outsourcing

OTO2: Local Business Client Machine Affordable Coaching

  • Affordable group coaching
  • Proven to help people break through barriers
  • Eliminate obstacles and get questions ansewered
  • Students start making real money faster and easier than they ever thought possible, even if they’re complete newbies

What Makes Local Business Client Machine So Special?

Three super reasons to promote Local Business Client Machine to your list!

  • You are going to learn exactly what to sell, how to sell it, how much to sell it for, and exactly how to deliver it!
  • You are going to be blown away by my Proposal Genie software!
  • My Otos routinely have very high conversion rates, and this one will be no exception!

In my new training and software product, Local Business Client Machine, I reveal everything. Specifically, you’ll learn…

  • The exact four products I sell in my own business today
  • How to price and sell each of those four products
  • The easiest way to fulfill the sale for each of these four products (including information about outsourcing)
  • And…how to turn this all into a killer, monthly income based on upselling your clients to recurring income services

Local Business Client Machine Has Everything You Need For Success…Training AND Software!

Proposal Genie Software
Proposal Genie is a WordPress plugin that you’ll use to create professional grade business proposals, manage all your communications with your client, and generally make yourself look like a seasoned pro…even if you’re not! Comes with complete, newbie friendly instructions. Takes less than 2 minutes to install.

Local Business Client Machine Training
My Local Business Client Machine training consists of 22, short, to-the-point videos. I assume nothing. This is completely newbie friendly, yet detailed enough so that even a professional offliner will benefit from it. You learn my entire system! What products I sell, how I sell them, how I fulfill the sale, and how I upsell. I’m giving you the keys to my own massive success in this business so you can do what I do!

Proposal Genie Does All of This, And More!…

  • Creates Professional Looking Business Proposals
  • Manages Your Clients for You
  • Manages Your Communications with Your Clients
  • Prevents Misunderstandings and the Dreaded Scope Creep
  • Brands You as a Seasoned Pro…Even If You’re Not One

So Here’s the Only Question Left…Do You, or Do You Not, Want to Create a Massive, Life Changing Business This Year?

If you’re answer is yes, then you want to get hold of Local Business Client Machine and my new software, Proposal Genie, today!
Remember, inside the training, you’ll learn…

  • The exact, easy to sell four products that have made me massive amounts of money
  • Exactly how to sell these four products
  • How to fulfill the sale without killing your productivity
  • And…the system I’ve perfected that upsells over half of my clients!
  • Not only that, but you’re going to look like a complete professional with my new software, Proposal Genie!

Let’s Make It Even Better! If You Buy Today, You Get All This, Too!

How to Outsource Internet Marketing
Has your income hit a ceiling? Are you in a “feast or famine” cycle? Or, are you just having trouble doing everything you know you need to do? If so, outsourcing is your answer. Get this new report, today, and learn the ins and outs of how to hire, train, and manage outsourcers. They do all the work. You make all the money!

The Definitive Autoresponder Frequency Guide
How often you mail (or don’t mail) your list can mean the difference between a huge income and barely scraping by. There’s more to this question than a simple answer, though. In this report, you’re going to learn how to figure out the best autoresponder frequency for what you’re selling. Get this, learn it, implement it today!

Internet Marketing Metrics
You can’t manage what you don’t measure! Whether you’re managing your own internet marketing business, or a client’s business online, you need to measure the right things in order to come to the right decisions. With this report, you’re going to learn exactly what to measure, how to measure it, and what the data means!

10 Ways to Create the Perfect Online Video
One of the best ways to market yourself and your clients is through video. I personally use video as an upsell in my own business, and I’ve made a ton of money with video marketing. In this report, you’re going to learn how to make marketing videos that get traffic and convert!

Video Product Perfection
Video is the future of Internet marketing! Get this outstanding report today, and learn exactly how to start making money with video marketing both for yourself and clients!

That’s Right!…Try My New Training, Local Business Client Machine, AND My New Software, Proposal Genie, for FREE Today!

I’m so completely confident that you’re going to love my new training and software that I’m willing to give you essentially a free look at everything. Buy today, and if at any time in the next 7 days you feel like this just isn’t for you, let us know in support and we’ll cheerfully refund your money! 100% guaranteed! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Get This Today and You Get All This!

  • My New Local Business Client Machine Training
  • My New Proposal Genie Software
  • My Immediate Clients For 2018 Webinar
  • My Cutting Edge, Money Making Bonuses

Local Business Client Machine : FAQ

What four products/services do you actually sell in your business?
That’s all in the training! I’ve tried tons of other products and services. Again, and again, and again, I return to what works for me in my own business, which is selling easy to understand, no-brainer products and services. Turns out simple is the best plan!

What if I already know how to sell these four products you mention?
I can pretty much assure you, you don’t know how to sell them like I do. As in all things the “gold” is in the details. In the training, I explain everything in great detail. How to sell, who to sell to, how to price, more!

What kind of software is Proposal Genie, and what do I need for it?
It’s a WordPress plugin. You’ll need a WordPress website, hosting, and a domain. (Just basic stuff.) The plugin is super easy to install, and comes with complete instructions on how to use it. If you don’t know how to install plugins, or just want us to do it, we can for a nominal fee.

Why do I need Proposal Genie? I don’t have any clients yet.
A professional looking proposal for work to be done is a standard business practice. Are you setting yourself up to fail, or are you setting yourself up to succeed! If you follow my Local Business Client Machine system, you’ll soon have more clients than you need, anyway!

How long should it take for me to start seeing real money?
If you follow my training, and especially if you get on my Immediate Clients for 2018 webinar, you’ll get clients fast. (If you actually implement! If you do nothing, nothing will happen!)

Is Proposal Genie just for the US?
No, Proposal Genie is designed to work for both US and UK English and business practices.

Is this cloud based software?
No, it’s a WordPress plugin that you install on your own WordPress site, which is housed on your own hosting.

What skills do I need to make this work for me?
None, other than a willingness to follow instruction and actually do some work.

Download Local Business Client Machine :

Local Business Client Machine Review and Bonus by Lee Cole – how to go from zero to a full-time income with local business marketing fast

Local Business Client Machine Review

Local Business Client Machine is very very professional product and best choice for you. However overall this Local Business Client Machine does a great job. Local Business Client Machine is a huge time saver and will save you money Local Business Client Machine Download

Get Now Local Business Client Machine :

download Local Business Client Machine

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